Tips for Choosing Home Locks

Locksmith Santa MonicaConsidering the fact that burglars and intruders have a knack for breaking into poorly secured homes at any given opportunity, it would be wise for you as a homeowner to choose the proper type of home lock to install in your home. Amongst all the other home security hardware devices available on the market, home locks are crucial to any residential security system. Although there are different locksets available on the market today, here are some useful tips to help you make a safe choice when shopping for the right type of home lock for your apartment or home.
#1. Double Cylinder Locks: Home security experts consider the cylinder lock as a good security hardware device for residential buildings. Many of them who are veterans in the home security business generally advocate the use of double cylinder locksets for homes, apartments or condo because double cylinder locks require a key to both enter and exit a home or apartment. The second key of a double cylinder lock prevents a burglar from breaking into door sidelights or nearby windows to reach in and simply open up the door.
#2: Grade 1 Rated Deadbolt. A deadbolt lock is the most important part of any lockset for the entry or exit doors in a home. Before purchasing a deadbolt lock, make sure you discuss with a reliable locksmith on the best deadbolt products available on the market. You should also consider deadbolts for the door that leads to an attached garage in your home. Statistics have shown that about 40-50 percent of burglars gain access into a home or apartment through the doors on the first floor. As such, providing adequate security by installing deadbolt locks will go a long way in deterring burglars from breaking into your home or apartment. If possible, purchase a steel plated deadbolt with a minimum of a 1-inch throw.
#3: Consider Home Locks With Steel Strike Plates. Some home locks come with steel strike plates that are designed to secure the lockset firmly to the door frame–which most residential security experts believe is the weakest point of a lockset and often the first target of a burglar with a crowbar. When choosing a suitable lock for your home or apartment, always opt for heavy gauge metal strike plates with four 3-inch long screws for securing the strike plate is firmly in the door, making it less likely to be pried away easily by a burglar with a crowbar.
#4: Digital Home Locks. Digital locks such fingerprint locks, pushbutton locks and remote-controlled locks should also be considered when choosing the perfect lock for your home or apartment. Since most burglars pick cylinder locks or use bump keys to get inside homes, the absence of a keyhole makes it much more difficult for them to gain access into your home. However, when choosing a digital home locks be sure to opt for the type that has no keyhole as number of the keyless locking security systems often keys as part of a secondary or backup system.

Locksmith Santa Monica

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